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Annette Young

Director of Curriculum / Owner

Annette graduated from Lakeland Dental Academy in 1982. She is the owner and founder of Altrain Dental Assisting Academy. Her 35 years of professional experience include working as a Back-Office Assistant, Office Manager, Practice Manager and Instructor.

Throughout Annette’s experience in the dental field along with the feedback she received from dentists and other dental professionals she found that typical dental assisting students were poorly trained, primarily book taught, scared and lacked confidence. In 2005 she decided to open Altrain Dental Assisting Academy, where she would train ordinary people to become exceptional dental assistants. Annette’s philosophy includes a strong belief in a four day a week schedule, consistent reviews of curriculum, hands-on training in a dental office setting, small class sizes, and dedicated supportive instructors. The training is provided in a safe environment for learning where it’s okay to make mistakes. Annette eliminated all the excuses and reasons to not take the state certifications and includes the exam fees in the tuition. The program includes thorough exam preparation and she personally meets students individually to ensure they are ready to take the exams.


Tiffany Lingenfelter

Director of Admissions

Tiffany graduated from Everest College with an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2005. She has over 15 years of professional administrative experience and business management experience. She is very familiar with the Arizona Department of Private Postsecondary Educations rules and ensures Altrain Dental Assisting Academy is in full compliance and all students rights are protected.

Tiffany has been an employee of Altrain Dental for over 10 years. She has successfully designed and developed the Job Placement Department. Tiffany has created over a 100 resume templates and cover letters for preparation of professional custom student resumes. She also built and presents the job placement presentation where she discusses with students the process of obtaining a dental job, how to prepare for an interview and how to successfully land a job. She spends a lot of time researching employment and interview trends. Since Tiffany has been involved in the job placement department Altrain Dental has reported a placement rate of anywhere between 80 and 90%.


Cristina Nevarez


Cristina has been a Dental Assistant since 2008. She started her career working in a general dental office. Since she lives in Prescott and was hired with no training or education, after 2 years of field experience, she decided to pursue formal education and obtain her certifications.

Cristina graduated from Altrain Dental Assisting Academy in 2011. She is both x-ray and coronal polish certified. Immediately following graduation Cristina was offered a position with Altrain Dental. Not only did she have the experience, education and certifications, she exhibited passion, patience and compassion, all of which we knew would make her an excellent instructor. Cristina enjoys teaching and prides herself on her students successful pass rates on Radiology and Coronal Polish Certification exams.


Kiara Ortega


Kiara graduated from Altrain Dental Assisting Academy in 2013. She obtained her x-ray certification and her coronal polishing certificate that same year. She secured employment as a Dental Assistant 2 days after graduation. Kiara is the newest member to our team and joined Altrain Dental in January of 2018. She is also American Heart Association CPR Instructor certified.

Over the last 5 years, she has worked for general dentists who practices in many areas of dentistry including: oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, prosthetics, orthodontics, sleep apnea and dental imaging. She also has experience in pediatrics working with oral sedation and assisting for IV sedation. She is very experienced in assisting in all these phases of dentistry and loves sharing this knowledge with her students.

what our students are saying…

About Us

If you want a great hands on, small class size, educators willing to help you succeed and know your name you have the right place. Look no further!! I walked into Altrain only because I heard the ad on the radio. Instantly, I felt like this was the place to get my career path on the right track. My first person I ran into sat down and told me everything I would need to do to start school all the way to the end and how they would help place me for a job.


I highly recommend Altrain dental assisting academy, it is a great school and only a short 13 weeks. I took night classes and loved the amount of time that we actually got practice everything hands on. Everyone at the school is very nice and helpful.


I absolutely love Altrain! I’m confident the instructors and small class sizes will make for an easy 13 weeks! The hands on learning really helps things stick in my memory. I’m so excited to see where my future will go after graduation. Thanks Altrain!


I’ve been currently attending Altrain dental school and I love it! Everything about it is absolutely perfect! The teachers, the class size and all the hands on learning we do. I couldn’t be more happy that I choose to go to Altrain.


This school is awesome, the instructors and staff are so nice and caring and really do everything they can to make this possible. Class was fun and hands on and you learn so much in a short period of time!


Great school! They have the best instructor and staff. The classes are small, it’s hands on, and it’s only 13 weeks.

Great instructors and a great hands on program! Highly recommend going to Altrain!
If you are lost on what to do for your career or what school to attend, I 100% recommend you choose Altrain! The staff is amazing & teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in this job field. I already had 3 job offers only a week after graduation! They are amazing!
I had visited and toured a couple other dental assistant schools besides Altrain and none of them compared to Altrain. The facility is definitely made to look like a dental office 100% and with a lot of space to work. If you want somewhere reliable and with friendly staff this is the place for you. In 13 weeks you will get the right amount of information to be successful in your dental field career! Totally recommended!
I too did a lot of research on Dental Assisting schools before I chose Altrain. For starters they were the ONLY school that actually offers everything that you need to be successful in your career. X-ray, Coronal Polish, CPR and Dentrix (front office too)! They have more than double the amount of days and hours of all the other short programs. That’s why everyone passes the state exams. The other schools say they do it too but there is no way they can find the time in 1 or 2 days a week. The school is so clean and looks just like a dental office. And when Altrain says the offer job placement, they mean it!!! My resume and cover letter are fantastic! Tannis sent me on 4 job leads before graduation and I had a job a week after I finished the program! When it comes to Dental Assisting this is the ONLY school to even consider!!!!

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