Because almost every job ad in the Phoenix metro area requires that you know how to use Dentrix!

Dentrix is the leading dental software program used in the state of Arizona. Dentrix is a computer program used in dental offices as a patient database.  It’s also used for scheduling, billing, charting, treatment planning and insurance management.

When you are researching Dental Assisting Schools in Phoenix, one of your first questions should be: Do you teach Dentrix Software? Altrain Dental Assisting Academy offers training on Dentrix Software training. You can review our course outline for more information at  //

Even if the office you work for uses another program or has their own.  You will have been trained on the leading software program and have the ability to sell yourself in a job interview by simply stating: I am familiar with Dentirx, I am a fast learner and I am confident I will be able to learn this program with little training.